Offer a platform to Showcase University students to the general public & the corporate world as a pool of untapped potential both for corporate creative strategy formulation and entrepreneurial agility.


Commitment to the preservation, development and transmission of creative and performing arts culture in the institutions of higher learning in Africa.

Action Plan

With all the information in place you will be presented with an action plan that your company needs to follow

Participation procedure


Record a short quality video of your act of art (comedy, dance, music, magic or any other special talent of not more than 3 minutes using your phone.


After creating your act, submit it here. This will open from 23rd October, 2019 to 19th November, 2019

3Shortlisted videos

Shortlisted videos will be uploaded to the Gallery section of this website on 20th November, 2019


Invite your friends to this website to rate your videos

This will be open from 20th November, 2019


Winners will be announced and awarded on 7th December, 2019



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